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Making Word-of-Mouth Impact Measurable.

Teamfluencer provides clear tracking and measurement for influencer marketing campaigns. Our SaaS platform empowers brands to oversee influencer initiatives and quantify their campaign results.

Specify Your Campaign Goals & Target Audience

Use our platform to precisely define your campaign's objectives and segment influencers by your target audience effortlessly.


Find Perfect Creator-Brand Match

Our platform analyzes influencer profiles, ensuring the ideal creator-brand match tailored to your needs.


Optimize ROI & Remarket UGCs

Track and optimize ROI with advanced tools, and leverage user-generated content to engage your audience through our platform.

Discover all features

Manage all process in one place.

Discover the ultimate tool for connecting with nano, micro, macro-influencers. Our platform simplifies the process, providing you with the tools you need to identify, collaborate, and track the success of your influencer campaigns.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Choose the platform you are targeting. Target your influencer audience by age, number of followers, location, gender and interest.

  • Target audience by interest, location, gender and age.
  • Specify your niche and industry.

2. Identify Influencers for Collaboration

Review influencer profiles, posts and audience. Select or reject influencers you want to collaborate with.

  • Reach more than 400,000 influencers.
  • Engagement based influencer pricing.
  • Go in depth with influencer analytics.
  • Pay as you go pricing model.

3. Access Instant Statistics

Instantly measure your collaboration stats, reach, cost and completed shares.

  • Track your influencer campaign performance.
  • Get instant statistics and reports.

Collabs & User-Generated Content

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AI Generate content in seconds

Give our AI a few descriptions and we'll automatically create blog articles, product descriptions and more for you within just few second.

Product Seeding

Optimize the logistics of getting the right products into the right hands with seamless ecommerce integrations.

UGC Content

Maximize the impact of user-generated content by locating, tracking, and repurposing every valuable piece of content shared by your brand ambassadors.

Location Specific Campaigns

Collaborate with influencers who are closest to you and your business to ensure the most effective and relevant marketing campaigns.

Benchmark Analysis

Track the influencer collaborations in your industry and among your competitors in real-time, and integrate these insights into your marketing infrastructure.

ROI Reporting

Maintain valuable brand relationships while achieving measurable results. Track KPIs, create detailed reports, and showcase ROI efficiently.

Influencer Payments

Simplify your accounting by managing all payments to content creators from a single platform, tracking payment history, and analyzing ROI per individual.

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  • Over 400,000 Influencers
  • Realtime reporting
  • Filtering by performance
  • ROI reporting
  • Detailed Demographics & Segmentation
  • User generated content
  • Infl. Management Panel
  • Account Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you first access the platform, you need to create an account using the 'Sign Up' option.
  • Complete the registration process by filling in the required information (e.g., brand name, contact details) and setting a password.
  • After registering, use the 'Login' option to access your account.

  • The menu on the left provides quick access to the main sections of the platform. These sections include 'Dashboard', 'New Campaign', 'Billing', and 'Account Details'.
  • The dashboard displays your current balance and provides an overview of your active campaigns.

  • Creating a New Campaign:

    1. Platform Selection:

      • Start the campaign creation process by clicking the 'New Campaign' button.
      • The first step is to select the platform where the campaign will be conducted (e.g., Instagram or TikTok).
      • Then, choose the type of post (post, story, reels).
    2. Target Audience:

      • Define your campaign's target audience by filling in criteria such as age range, follower count, country, and city.
      • This step is crucial for the success of your campaign as targeting the right audience ensures maximum engagement and conversion.
    3. Description and Details:

      • Prepare a brief explaining the purpose of your campaign, your expectations from influencers, and content criteria.
      • This stage is critical for influencers to create content that meets your brand's needs.
    4. Budget and Estimated Impact:

      • Determine your estimated budget and see the potential audience size and impact you can reach with this budget.
      • Your budget is automatically calculated based on the influencer criteria you choose and the audience size you want to reach.
    5. Payment and Confirmation:

      • After reviewing all the details, confirm your campaign and proceed to the payment step.
      • Once you complete the payment, your campaign becomes active, and you can start collaborating with influencers.

  • After your campaign is approved, you can view and select the influencers who applied from the 'Profiles' section.
  • The content created by the selected influencers is reviewed and approved under the 'Content' tab.
  • The 'Completed Posts' tab shows the performance and statistics of the posts.

Selecting suitable influencer profiles for a campaign on the Teamfluencer platform is a strategic process. Under the 'Profiles' tab, you can access a list of influencers who have applied for your campaign and have been approved by the platform. This list includes the following information about each influencer:

  • Profile Picture and Username: The influencer's profile image and name on the platform.Follower Count: The total number of followers the influencer has on their social media platform.
  • City: The city where the influencer is registered or active.Age: The age of the influencer.
  • Engagement Rate: The average engagement percentage of the influencer's posts.Price: The fee the influencer requests for the campaign.
  • Approve/Reject: Buttons to approve or reject the profile for your campaign.Filtering and Sorting:
  • Filtering and sorting profiles helps you quickly find the most suitable influencers for your campaign. The following filtering features are powerful tools for selecting the right influencers:Gender: Filter by the gender of influencers.
  • Education Level: Filter by education level.Hobbies: Filter by influencers' personal interests and hobbies.
  • Keyword: Search for specific keywords in the influencer's profile or posts.Engagement Rate: Filter by high, medium, or low engagement rates.
  • Price Range: Use the price range filter to find influencers within your budget.Follower Count: Sort influencers by a specific follower count range.

Age Range: Filter by age range that fits your target audience.

These filtering features help you save time and find the most effective influencers for your campaign, especially when selecting from a large pool of influencers. Additionally, with profile information and filtering options, you can perform detailed segmentation to increase the success chance of your campaign.

  • Usage Example:For example, if you want to run a campaign with female influencers aged 18-24, with at least a 3% engagement rate, and based in Istanbul, you can use the filtering tools to list and select profiles that match these criteria. This process saves time and ensures that the content created is more suitable for your target audience.
  • This information serves as a detailed guide to the profile selection screen you will encounter when using the Teamfluencer platform. Each step is aligned with the interface shown in the screen images.

Content Approval:

  • Content created by influencers is collected under the 'Content' or 'Content Approval' tab. Here, you can review the visual and written materials prepared by influencers for the campaign.
  • Examine each content item in detail to ensure it aligns with your brand message. The content should follow the guidelines specified in your campaign brief.
  • If any revisions or adjustments are needed, contact the influencer and request the necessary changes. You can provide feedback directly through the Teamfluencer platform.

Content Revision:

  • For content that needs revision, clearly and understandably communicate your specific change requests and feedback.
  • Monitor the adjustments made by influencers and approve the final version of the content.

Content Publishing Tracking:

  • After content approval, ensure that influencers publish the content according to the specified schedule.
  • Once the content is published, monitor key metrics such as engagement rates and user comments within the campaign.

Performance Metrics:

  • In the 'Statistics' or 'Analytics' tab, you can review various metrics that show your campaign's performance.
  • Metrics such as views, engagement rate, comment count, and others help you understand the effectiveness of your campaign.


  • At the end of the campaign period, you can download a report containing all your statistics. These reports help you measure the overall success and ROI (Return on Investment) of your campaign.
  • Statistics also provide valuable insights for your future campaigns and can be used in strategic planning.

Timeline and Frequency Analysis:

  • Analyze whether the content was published at the most optimal times for maximizing user engagement by reviewing the timeline and frequency of posts.
  • Examine the performance of posts by day of the week and time of day.

UTM Tracking:

  • If UTM parameters were used in your campaign, track more detailed user behavior data such as traffic, conversion, and sales through these links.
  • UTM parameters are a critical tool for understanding the impact of the campaign on website traffic.

Campaign Optimization:

  • Use the collected data to optimize your current and future campaigns. For example, analyze which types of content received more engagement, which influencers generated more conversions, and make informed decisions.

Special Solutions for Media Agencies

Quickly obtain solutions tailored to your brand's briefs. Influencer list, management of creative processes, or bidding. Don't waste time with these.